cricket Ground Can You Hit a Sixer?

Test your skills on the on-site cricket ground! The 55m boundary is the perfect challenge to try to crack.

Shoot Some Hoops Shoot Some Hoops

Unwind after a long day with a game of ball on our synthetic, flood-lit basketball court.

Game, Set, Match Game, Set, Match

Practise your serve on the synthetic tennis courts.

Live in an Unbreakable Home Live in an Unbreakable Home

PBEL's Shear Wall Technology makes your home strong, durable and earthquake-resistant.

Enjoy a Breath-Taking Sunrise Enjoy a Breath-Taking Sunrise

Admire the different hues of the sky as the sun rises over the Bay of Bengal.

Breathe Fresh Air Breathe Fresh Air

Enjoy salty, fresh air from the ocean, which is just a short drive away.

Get Healthier Naturally Get Healthier Naturally

Live pollution-free, go for a swim or work out at the gym. When you live at PBEL City Chennai, you get healthier naturally.

Walk Your Child to School Walk Your Child to School

The on-site school will be just a few minutes from your apartment, so you can walk your child to school every day.

Enjoy Spaces That Save Space Enjoy Spaces That Save Space

The cleverly-designed spaces for furniture and appliances give you more square footage for your money.

Relax on the Balcony Relax on the Balcony

Curl up with your favourite book and a mug of tea in the spacious balcony.

Experience Clutter-Free Bathrooms Experience Clutter-Free Bathrooms

Aesthetically designed Kohler fittings give you more space and freedom.

Throw a Party Throw a Party

Get a few friends together and throw a party in the multipurpose clubhouse.

Go For a Swim Go For a Swim

Beat the heat with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

Experience Beautiful Bathrooms Experience Beautiful Bathrooms

Shiny. Elegant. Stylish. Jaguar fittings add glamour to your bathrooms.

Feel Premium Quality at your Fingertips Feel Premium Quality at your Fingertips

High quality switches, circuitry and aesthetically hidden wiring - a pleasure to see and use.

Live in the Hub of Knowledge Live in the Hub of Knowledge

NIFT, Hindustan University, VIT and the National Maritime University are on the OMR, the knowledge hub of the future.

Live Without Power Cuts Live Without Power Cuts

At PBEL City Chennai, power cuts are a thing of the past, thanks to our very own power transformers and international-standard 100% power backup.

Make a Grand Entrance Make a Grand Entrance

Every tower will have a double height lobby that's tall, spacious and airy.

Go For the Queen! Go For the Queen!

Try to get the Queen in a friendly game of Carrom in the Clubhouse.

Enjoy a Fireproof Life Enjoy a Fireproof Life

With automatic sprinklers and fire-retardant exit doors, the township features a fire-safety system that exceeds standards.

A Real 'Convenience' Store A Real 'Convenience' Store

Get fresh veggies, fruits and other supplies from the on-site supermarket.

Save on Your Electricity Bill Save on Your Electricity Bill

Our apartment floor plans are designed to make sure you receive a wealth of natural light in your home and common areas.

Open Up The Kitchen Open Up The Kitchen

A well designed open kitchen opens your family up to a trendy lifestyle.

Plan a Weekend Getaway Plan a Weekend Getaway

Drive down to Mahabalipuram down the scenic OMR this weekend.

Take Pleasant Walks Every Day Take Pleasant Walks Every Day

Live a wholesome, healthy life with your family - take a walk amidst beautiful lawns and flowers.

Stay Close to Your Money Stay Close to Your Money

Never run out of cash. Use banking facilities 24/7 at our very own ATM.

Designed for Privacy Designed for Privacy

The unique design of the flat protects your family's privacy.

Redecorate Your Home Redecorate Your Home

Our silky-smooth walls are easy to wallpaper, so you can change the look of your home any time.

Watch Your Children Play Watch Your Children Play

The township is designed to ensure there are plenty of open spaces and facilities for your children to play in.

Live the OMR Life Live the OMR Life

PBEL City Chennai is located on the OMR, so you have the convenience of direct access.

Jog Your Way to Health Jog Your Way to Health

Walk, run or train for a marathon on the well laid jogging track around the township.

Stay Close to Healthcare Stay Close to Healthcare

A number of excellent hospitals are just 15 minutes from the township, so you can breathe easy even in case of emergency.

Eat Fresh Fruits & Veggies Eat Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Buy farm-fresh produce at the Kelambakkam Market, which is just 5 minutes from the township.

Watch a Movie Watch a Movie

Catch your favourite star on the silver screen - movie theatres are just 20 minutes away!

Build a Sand Castle Build a Sand Castle

Have a day out at Kovalam Beach, which is just 10 minutes from your home.

Cut Your Commute in Half Cut Your Commute in Half

Zoom down the OMR to commute to and from work in just 15 minutes.

Built over an area of 42 acres, INCOR PBEL City Chennai is equipped with all the amenities and facilities you need to live your most comfortable life. This self-contained township features everything from an international-standard cricket ground to a supermarket. An on-site school is also currently in the works.

Most important of all is the community; at INCOR PBEL City Chennai, you become a part of a bigger family.

Families Residing Families Residing 250
Apartments Booked Apartments Booked 380
Towers Handed Over Towers Handed Over 4
Upcoming Towers Upcoming Towers 2
Total Area Total Area 42 Acres


14th April, 2018

Puthandu (Tamil New Year)

The Tamil New Year was welcomed with great joy and the residents started their day on a positive note by sharing good food and lots of laughter.

2nd March, 2018

Holi 2018

The festival of Holi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy at PBEL City, located on the OMR, Chennai.

30th September, 2017


At PBEL City we dress right for every festival. We celebrated Navratri and Dusherra by letting go of the evil within us and singing praises of Lord Rama.

25th August, 2017

Ganesh Chaturthi

Seeking Lord Ganesha's Blessings on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

15th August, 2017

Independence Day

At PBEL City we thrive on oneness and brotherhood. This independence day we celebrated the spirit of patriotism by getting together with our PBEL City family.

7th February, 2017

Launching Club House

The recently inaugurated Clubhouse at PBEL City Chennai saw a day full of fun and frolick by residents of the township

3rd December, 2016

Know Your Neighbour

It is always good to know who your neighbour is! PBEL City, Chennai conducted Know Your Neighbour event on its premises after people moved into the community on Dec 3, 2016.

14th November, 2016

Children's day celebrations

Children's day celebrations on 14th November at PBEL City Chennai, in collaboration with Velammal NewGen School.

5th September, 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi

Invoking blessings from Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

10th January, 2015

Cognizant Premier Cup

The Cognizant Premier Cup was in full swing at the cricket ground in PBEL City Chennai, with a sneak peek of the clubhouse and towers under construction.

3rd October, 2014

Ayudha Puja

Ayudha Puja was performed in PBEL CIty so that everyone has a blessed year ahead.

29th April, 2014

PBEL Cricket championship

A competitive yet exciting cricket championship was held at the international size cricket ground at PBEL City Chennai

7th April, 2014


A little friendly competition among the kids on the dance floor was followed by cricket match at the Gala, a success thanks only to the community spirit.

1st January, 2014

New Year's Bash 2014

The New Year's Bash 2014 was an incredibly fun affair with neighbours-to-be getting together at the event organised by PBEL City Chennai.

9th March, 2013

Kids Karnival

Face painting, bouncy castles, carriage rides and lots more was organised at a Kids Karnival at PBEL City Chennai.

4th February, 2013

Bhoomi Pooja

The laying of the foundation began on an auspicious note with a Bhoomi Puja, with the employees of PBEL in attendance.