Vibrant Community Life

INCOR's PBEL City is built on the ethos of community living. We believe that your family should not be confined to four walls, but to a thriving neighbourhood. The reason why, whatever your interests, you’re bound to find others just like you here. Because at INCOR, we don’t just build landmarks, we build Lifemarks. So that life is more meaningful and enriching. And life changes for the better at INCOR.

There are no neighbours here. Just a 1,500+ strong family.

Families Residing 1,500+
Apartments Booked 1,800+
Towers Handed Over 7
Towers Under Construction 3
Total Area 25 acres


31st July, 2018

Volleyball Event 2018

Glimpse of the Vollyeball tournament held at INCOR's PBEL City

1st March, 2018

Holi Celebrations 2018

With the music turned up loud and high on energy, the residents of PBEL City had a blast celebrating Holi with the entire community!

3rd December, 2017

Highlights from PCR Run 2017

If there is one thing that defines the residents of PBEL City, it is their indomitable spirit of wanting to be fit and active. Even on a Sunday morning! Here are glimpses of the PCR Run organised by PBEL City, in association with Peerancheruvu Runners Club.

21st June, 2017

International Day Of Yoga

Residents of PBEL City spent the beautiful morning of Yoga Day practising the calming and stress relieving yoga in the township premises.

21st May, 2017

IPL 2017 final match screening

It was an electric atmosphere on the final day of the IPL series. Residents of PBEL City gathered together for a common screening of the final IPL 2017 match.

16th April, 2017

Easter Celebrations

PBEL City residents had a gala time celebrating Easter in the township.

5th April, 2017

Sri Rama Navami Celebrations

The birth of Lord Rama was celebrated on a huge scale at PBEL City with residents gathered in the Clubhouse in all their traditional finery.

13th March, 2017

Rang Barse 2017

Residents of PBEL City came together to celebrate the festival of Holi and revelled in all the elements of this vibrant and fun festival!

26th January, 2017

Republic Day Celebrations

There was a spirit of patriotism and national pride on the 68th Republic Day at PBEL City. Children took part in a fancy dress while the adults cheered them on.

14th January, 2017

Sankranthi At PBEL City

Sankranthi was celebrated with great fervour at PBEL City township with a kite making workshop for kids and Rangoli competition for adults. This was followed by dance, music, food stalls and kite flying for the remaining part of the day.

31st December, 2016

PBEL Euphoria

New Year's eve celebrations at PBEL City, Hyderabad. The welcome of 2017 was filled with fun and euphoria!

4th December, 2016

PCR 2nd Anniversary run

Bhaag PBEL bhaag! PCR 2nd Anniversary Run was a celebration of good health and fitness with enthusiastic participation from young and old alike.

15th August, 2016

Independence day at PBEL City Hyderabad.

The residents of PBEL City Hyderabad Independence day with complete zeal and fervour with patriotism flowing through the beautiful township. Here a a few pictures from the morning of 15th August 2016.

25th June, 2016

Pankaj Udhas Performed live at PBEL City Hyd

Pankaj Udhas, the Ghazal legend, performed at PBEL City on the 25th of July. Despite the pouring rain, the spirit of the PBELites did not dampen. The event, organised in collaboration with Hyderabad Arts Festival, was held in the banquet hall at The Square and the evening was memorable for one and all.

25th June, 2016

Zumba at PBEL by ZJ Abhimanika

PBELites showed off their energy by dancing their calories away at the Zumba event conducted by ZJ Abhimanika Tavi at the PBEL City Grounds.

19th June, 2016

International Yoga day celebrated at PBEL City Hyd

International Yoga Day was celebrated at PBEL City on 19th June, 2016. Here is a video and select pictures of the yoga session by our resident Nisha Nyrk.

16th April, 2016

RAF Band Live Performance at PBEL City Lawns

Rakesh Chaurasia and Friends performed live at PBEL City Lawns on Saturday evening of 16th April. Rakesh and Friends are an Indian fusion band. And the community members certainly had a great evening watching them perform.

8th April, 2016

Inauguration of Banquet Hall at Clubhouse

The Banquet Hall of our much-anticipated clubhouse, "The Square", was inaugurated on Ugadi.

18th March, 2016

Celebrating a colorful Holi

The residents and their children of PBEL CIty came together to celebrate a waterless yet colorful Holi.

27th January, 2016

Celebrating Republic day

Residents of PBEL City celebrated Republic Day at PBEL City with Chief guest Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, Member of Parliament from Chevella, Telangana.

31st December, 2015

Bringing in the New year at PBEL City

The residents welcomed the new year in style with Euphoria- PBEL City’s New year event

15th November, 2015

Snake Awareness Programme

On 1st November 2015, the Friends Of Snake Society (F.O.S.S.) organised a workshop at PBEL City. Through live demonstrations, F.O.S.S was able to bust myths and teach adults and children about snakes.

15th October, 2015

Disco Dandiya

Dandiya Fever hit PBEL City! This event brought together all of PBEL City's residents, who danced the night away

15th October, 2015

Storytelling Workshop

The Storytelling Workshop hosted by Deepa Kiran was a hit with parents and children alike! PBEL City's enthusiastic children learned to tell stories from the master storyteller.

14th October, 2015

Basketball Match

The month of October witnessed an exciting basketball match at the PBEL City Basketball court. The match was staged between two age groups. Egged on by zealous spectators, the game was enjoyed by all.

3rd October, 2015


PBEL City's women celebrated Telangana's Bathukamma festival with pride and joy. Dressed elegantly, the ladies gathered together with their Bathukammas and sang folk songs. At the end of the day the Bathukammas were immersed in water and given a warm and cheerful send off.

15th July, 2015

Bubble Soccer Showdown

On 12th July 2015, PBEL City hosted a fun-filled Bubble Soccer event at the PBEL City Lawns. 90 football enthusiasts participated in this day long event which featured a lot of fun moments for the participants and spectators alike.

15th July, 2015

Bonsai Workshop

Shree Bonsai and PBEL City conducted a bonsai exhibition and workshop for 200+ participants. Guided by Bonsai Expert couple Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy and Mrs. Lalitha Madhusudhan, this event gave the participants a hands-on experience of Bonsai art. Attended by all age groups, the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

15th June, 2015

International Yoga Day

Always in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, PBEL City's residents, along with the Balagokulam kids, attended International Yoga Day celebration on 21st June 2015.

18th March, 2015

Pink Run

PBEL City Runners organised the PBEL City Pink Run on Women’s Day. The run aimed to celebrate the health and happiness of women and brought together the whole community.

17th March, 2015

Stay Fit at PBEL City - Video Shoot

PBEL City's residents are living proof that good health brings great happiness. Our residents teamed up to help us shoot a video showcasing all the different ways they work out. From running to zumba, we've got it all!

18th February, 2015

Fun Run

On 22nd February 2015, a running event called "The PBEL City Fun Run" was organised by the PBEL Runners. It featured an informative session and a talk by Kiran Kanojia, the acclaimed blade runner, in addition to the run. The slightly fatigued yet jubilant participants recharged themselves with light refreshments after the event.

18th February, 2015

Indian Ocean

On 14th February 2015, Indian Ocean swept the crowd away as part of Hydourite Season 3. Known for contemporary rock music, Indian Ocean is one of the most popular music bands in the country.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Sneaking blessings from Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi